So 您’re wondering if 您 can extract drums from a song.


或者只取下鼓,将其他所有东西都留在里面– so 您 can practice drumming with the track.

The good news is 您 can. In the next 5分钟, I’ll show 您 how to 去掉 drums from a song – the manual way (slow) and the smarter way by using a plugin that does it for 您.



第一, I’m guessing 您’re a drummer, whether beginner 要么 intermediate, 您 want to practice playing the drums with some of 您r favorite music pieces. And 您 want to 去掉 just the drums, so 您 can practice over the piece.

第二, 您’re into audio sampling and within 您r music making processes, 您 want to extract drum parts from a song. It could be a drum fill 要么 loop. Basically, 您 want to extract interesting drum sounds 要么 rhythms and use them as samples 要么 remixes.

Perhaps 您 have another reason for extracting drums out of songs. If so, let me know in the comment section below.


我在YouTube频道上经常收到这个问题,并且收到无数封电子邮件, ‘Hey Reuben! The technique 您 showed to removing drums doesn’t work! All I’我得到的是一首低沉的歌。迪登’拆下鼓,一切听起来都会更糟。’


因此,虽然混音就像烤蛋糕一样,但我’m about to show 您 doesn’不一定会对每首歌都起作用。记在脑子里。

#1 –使用定相技术移除鼓– 更慢的方式

您可以使用类似的音频编辑器 Adobe Audition 要么  Audacity 去做这个。在这篇文章中,我们’ll use 大胆.

该技术涉及使用 相位抵消 to ‘remove’或真正减少混合中的某些音频成分。

第1步– Import & Split Audio File


Import 您r audio file into 大胆. Most music mixes are in stereo, so make sure 您 are able to select the left & right channels independently. Simply dragging and dropping 您r audio file into 大胆 would do.

第2步– 倒置 An Audio Channel (Phase 倒置ion)


接下来,选择一个通道。进入‘Effects” and select “Invert”.

您应该看到音频文件反转。反转的作用是简单地反转‘peaks’ and ‘dips’的声波。这不’t更改音频通道的发声方式。

Once 您’将音频通道倒转,降低其中一个通道的音量,然后点击播放。您’我会开始听到人声&混合中的某些元素逐渐被淘汰。 (Doesn’不适用于所有混合物。)



为了获得最佳结果,我’ll advise 您 to use an EQ to control the mix elements that 您 want to be phased out from the mix.

I usually start off by cutting the frequencies within the mix that I want to hear in the playback. Remember, with the frequencies that 您 cut off, means that it won’t be phased off and is what 您 want audible in the mix.

#2 –使用DrumExtract从轨道中删除鼓– 更快的方式


I’m always fascinated with softwares, as they help 您 things done faster and 更聪明 

鼓提取 是一种音频处理工具,用于提取或分离混音中的打击乐元素。除了使用任何传统的音频工具之外,它还比上面显示的方法更好地工作,可提供无与伦比的均衡,压缩或传统音频效果工具无法提供的出色效果。

它可以用作VST或AU插件(32& 64-bit) for if 您’重新使用Windows或Mac。这意味着’ll work natively within 您r favorite DAW, such as 古巴人, 逻辑, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Sound Forge and even 您r conventional audio editors like 大胆 要么 Adobe Audition.



The interface looks really simple, but as 您 move the dials, 鼓提取 has algorithms that try to see patterns in the mix and extracts the percussive signals with the use of lots of mathematical equations, which luckily, all is done for 您.

尽管该插件可能非常有效,但它并没有’不能听一些音乐。 (如上所述)。

However, 鼓提取 can do some other amazing things as well. For one, 您 can use it during the mixing 要么 mastering process, where it can be used to increase 要么 decrease drums elements in the mix.

If 您’re a music producer who loves resampling samples, 您 can also use the plugin to extract drum elements to form into loops & samples for 您r production purposes. Or go further and load the isolated samples into 您r MPC 或现场表演或制作的采样播放器。

结论– Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped 您 find a way to 去掉 drums 要么 vocals from a music mix.

如果上述两种方法不知何故’t help 您, perhaps 您 should consider buying music from websites that offer music minus ones (karaoke tracks) such as 卡拉OK版本.

Let me know what 您 think of the two methods explained in this post. Your comments will help the 音频导师community.